For years, one name has been committed to providing high quality and durable powder analysis products, the name is AimSizer. As a subsidiary of HMKTest, AimSizer, since its establishment in 1997 injects its in-depth understanding of international standards in all of its products. Our products involve powder processing, powder characterization, particle size analysis, bulk density analysis and, flow testing as well as lab sample preparation equipment etc.

Research, we value technology and talents. We actively sought out domestic college and university, research institutions in powder related applications and establish lifelong cooperation with them. We also positively communicate with international agencies, actively introducing foreign talents. Such move greatly promotes the internationalization of our products.

Production, we ensure high quality. We produce strictly in accordance with the requirements of international standards. Each feedback from users was our treasure. Only in this way, our products can continue to be improved in order to better meet industrial customers.

Price, we ensure low. Instead of feeling burden of purchasing scientific instruments, buyers benefit from advanced and standardized instruments on most cost-effective basis.

Users, we have more and more. Hundreds of thousands of industrial buyers are spread all over the world. Whether from advanced or developing countries AimSizer always stay with them to do our best to support them in operating each and every instruments made by AimSizer.

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