LABULK 307 ASTM D1895 Method A Plastics Apparent Density Tester

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- LABULK 307 Apparent Density Tester is an apparatus used to physically measure the apparent density of plastic materials and moulding materials.

- It is produced stringently according to international standard ASTM D 1895 Standard Test Method for Apparent Density, Bulk Factor, and Pourability of Plastic Materials-Test Method A.

- LABULK 307 ASTM D1895 bulk density equipment is used to measure the apparent density of fine granules and powders that can be poured readily through a small funnel.





  • - Funnel, having a 9.5-mm diameter opening at the bottom, and mounted at a height 38 mm above the measuring cup, as shown in ASTM D 1895 A
  • - Measuring cup, A cylindrical cup of 100 cm capacity,having a diameter equal to half the height
  • - Straightedge
  • - Support
  • (Configuration is Subject to Quotation)
  • The weight per unit volume of a material, including voids inherent in the material as tested is apparent density.
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What is the name of ASTM D1895?
  • - Standard Test Methods for Apparent Density, Bulk Factor, and Pourability of Plastic Materials.
How many mehtods in ASTM D1895?
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