LABULK 309 Plastics Pourability Tester and Pharmaceutical Flowability Tester


LABULK 0309 Plastics Pourability Tester and Pharmaceutical Flowability Tester works as both a plastics pourability tester and a pharmaceutical flowability tester. It is a product designed by AimSizer Scientific to determine both the pourability of plastics and flowability of pharmaceutical in powdered and granular form. Pourability measurement(Fluometer) is important in plastic industry. LABULK 0309 is available with 3 exchangeable nozzles in order to meet diversified applications. It completely meets ISO 6186 and EP 2.9.16-1.



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  • The time taken for a defined mass or volume of the test material to flow through a funnel of specified dimensions is measured.
  • - Funnel
  • - Funnel support
  • - Stop watch
  • - Balance
  • (Configuration is Subject to Quotation)

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Pourability & Flowability

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