HMK-BS1-200 Standard Test Sieve


HMK-BS1-200 Standard Test Sieve is the test sieve for lab sieve shakers.

It is diveded into below two types by screen surface material, i.e. mesh cloth.

Metal Wire Cloth Test Sieve

Perforated Metal Plate Test Sieve


Metal Wire Cloth Test Sieve is manufactured according to ISO3310-1 Test Sieves--Technical Requirements and Testing - Part 1: Test Sieves of Metal Wire Cloth.The mesh size is 2.36mm-0.038mm,completely meet international standards ISO3310-1:1990 R20/3,R20,R40/3

Perforated Metal Plate Test Sieve is manufactured according to Test sieves -- Technical requirements and testing -- Part 2: Test sieves of perforated metal plate,completely meet international standards ISO3310-2:1990 R20/3、R20、R40/3




  • HMK-BS1-200 Standard Test Sieve wire cloth is availble to be made of brass,tin bronze or stainless steel.
  • Perforated Metal Plate Test Sieve is made of copper and produced by electrochemical machining.
  • The frame,cover and bottom is made of refined quality stainless steel or zinc plated steel.
  • Particle size analysis of granular materials
  • Works with sieve shaker.
  • Screening inspection of granular materials of Abrasive, to Kansas, metallurgy, pharmacopoeia, chemical building materials etc.
  • In case user has his particular requirements please feel free to let us know and we will quote reasonable price.
Sieve Shakers
  • HMK-14 Mechanical Vibrating Sieve Shaker
    HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve Shaker

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