HMK-CD1 Liquid and Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer


HMK-CD1 is a new type particle size analyzer instrument integrating both dry and wet test. In addition to powder liquid suspensions HMK-CD1 particle analyser can measure dry pharmaceuticals and magnetic powders as well as emulsion particles. HMK-CD1 is a highly intelligent particle size analyzer working with fast speed, easy operation and good repeatability and has become a good choice for many industries.


HMK-CD1 works with both liquid and dry dispersing system:

—The dry system includes host,, auxiliary equipment( including vacuum, waste powder collecting can, air purification tank) and quiet air compressor.

—The liquid system includes ultrasonic dispersion, mechanical agitation, circulation etc.

—Just click the mouse to shift between liquid and dry without manually replacing the device in order to secure the accuracy and repeatability.


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Principle Full course Mie scattering theory comply with ISO 13320
Measuring range 0.02~2,000µm
D50 error range <±3%(National Certified Reference Material)
Light source Laser diode 632.8nm 3mw >20,000h
Light path Parallel light path design comply with ISO13320 and ISO13321
Test course Full course without any shift during test
Detector Multi-element-silicon detector:
128 photo cells arranged in 3-D position maximize the detection angel up to 165°
Test Method: Wet and Dry Measurement Dry: Put the sample in the dry tank and click on dry test, the unit automatically open/close the air supply, test, collect sample, whole operation finishes under computer control within 2 minutes. Wet : Click on liquid test, the liquid tank is filled up automatically, the system prompt feeding powder, add about 1 gram of powder into the liquid cell, the dispersion, agitation, circulation and cleaning finish under computer control within 2 minutes.
Dispersion Dry : Unique vacuuming device (patented) done by cooperation of compressor and vacuum, short dispersing time.
Wet : Ultrasonic, agitator and sample cell are integrated, compact design, short dispersion time
Agent Dry : Air
Wet : Tap water, distilled water or other specified agent
Sample weight Variable suspension volume with the wet dispersion unit:
1gram or up to scores of grams dependent on the sample property and size
Test software Windows
Result output Table and curve of particle size distribution, D10, D50, D90, D97, averaged particle size and specific surface area. etc
Power AC220V 50Hz /110V 60 Hz
Environment Clean, temperature 0-40℃
Configuration —HMK-CD1(Liquid and dry shifting device, liquid circulating and feeding device 1set
—Auxiliary equipment(vacuum system and waste sample collecting system, air purification tank 1set
—Oil-free air compressor (power 0.75 Displacement 152L/min)1set
—Special analysis software 1set
—Power supply cable and data cable 1set
—Certified Reference Material 3set
—Tool kit 1set
—User's Manual and documents 1set

Dry powder or emulsion particle size distribution analysis including Ferrite, NdFeB, hard magnetic powder, soft magnetic powder, cement, cobalt powder, electronic materials, pesticides, pigments, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, cosmetics, paint and coating, food, calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin, alumina, rare earth, catalyst, blowing agent, refractory material, graphite, etc.

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