HMK-CD3 Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer


HMK-CD3 dry laser particle size analyzer is one of particle sizing systems developped by AimSizer using dry method to disperse and analyse particle size distribution. Instant dispersion and instant measurement make it the best analyzer to measure the particle size distribution of varied dry powders such as powders not possible to be dispersed in liquid, cement, magnetic powders as well as powders soluble or swollenable in liquid.



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  • Size range: 0.02um-2000um
  • Principle: laser scattering, Mie scattering and know-how algorithm
  • Sample feeding method: dry
  • Repeatability: 3% on CRM D50
  • Test time: 1-2min
  • Photocell number: 80
  • Laser: He-Ne laser wavelength 0.6328μm, working life as long as 10 years
  • Violet LED works as auxiliary light source
  • Power: AC220V/110V±10 %  500W 50Hz
  • Sample feeding system: Dry powder feeding system
  • Weight and dimension:
  • Host 860×460×420(mm)
  • Auxiliary: 660×320×900(mm)
  • Total(host and compressory) gross 150 kg
  • - Patented detector array
  • Made up of 80 photocells improves the resolution of the instrument.
  • - Software
  • HMK-CD3 is so easy to use as simply put the sample in the test zone, click on Test, all the procedures are automatically completed by the software until output the result analysis report. The functions also include results save, query, compare, edit and delete.
  • - Serial port connection
  • makes it easy to connect to any computer.
  • - Six formats of result analysis report
  • each report includes cumulative particle size distribution data and curve, differential particle size distribution data and histogram, typical point such as D3, D10, D25, D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, D98 etc
  • - HMK-CD3 and auxiliaries
  • HMK-CD3 Particle Size Analysis System integrates technologies of optics, mechanics and electronics. It has three major components such as HMK-CD3, oil-free air compressor, and auxiliary machines. The auxiliary machines includes filtering and separating purifier, pumping dust system, and storage dust tank, they are fully sealed. Such design effectively prevents dust pollution and has strong anti-jamming capability. HMK-CD3 automatically focuses the light path under computer control. Both the repeatability and stability has reached the advanced performance level of similar products produced by world leading manufacturers.
  • - Direct dry test
  • without requirement on any dispersant or agents.
  • - Instant dispersion, instant measurement
  • test speed is as fast as a few seconds
  • - Sample dosage
  • ranges from mg to kg
  • - Adjustable dispersing pressure
  • according to material properties
  • - Environment-friendly
  • innovatively designed automatic powder recovery system make it environment-friendly
  • Magnetic materials, pharmaceuticals, cement, powder coating, chemical, food, pesticides, electronic, paper-making, metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, abrasives, calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin, alumina, rare earth catalysts, blowing agents, fillers, graphite, pigments etc

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