HMK-CD4 Nano Particle Size Analyzer


HMK-CD4 Nano Particle size analyzer is designed and produced according to international standards ISO13320 and ISO13321. It works by dynamic light scattering photon correlation spectroscopy principle. The particle size distribution is calculated by sensing fluctuation of diffracted light by the particles when particles in different size do Brownian motion in the liquid at different speeds. The testing is automatically completed in analysis software in a computer. The unit automatically selects the best test parameters such as channel number and delay time etc. HMK-CD4 Nano Particle Size Analyser features stable and reliable work, easy operation and fast measuring speed. It takes only 2 to 5 minutes to measure a sample. Multiple automatic continuous testing optimizes the test accuracy and repeatability. The test results are automatically saved by a computer. It is use-friendly when view or print the analysis report. HMK-CD4 has become a preferred instrument in applications of nano powder production and research.



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  • Particle size distribution analysis of powder or emulsions in industries such as chemicals, electronic materials, pesticides, pigments, inks, pharmaceuticals, titanium dioxide, ceramics, building materials, cosmetics, abrasives, coatings, foods, calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin, paper, aluminum oxide, rare earth, catalyst, foaming agent, refractory materials, cement, graphite etc
  • 1.The unit automatically selects the best test parameters such as channel number and delay time etc. HMK-CD4 features stable and reliable work, easy operation and fast test speed.
  • 2.The innovative thin-slot sample cell improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the signals collected by detectors.
  • 3.Unique developed Polydispersity analysis algorithm fast analyses both the Monodisperse particles and polydispersity particles in order to analyse the particle size distribution and get averaged particle size.
  • 4.Full-featured analysis software
  • - 4.1 Both fully automatic and manual test modes are available for selection.
  • - 4.2 108 grades shown in both tables and curves.
  • - 4.3 Fully characterize particle size characteristics of the sample including volumetric distribution, number distribution,  cumulative distribution, differential distribution, D10, D50, D90, D97, average particle size, specific surface area etc.
  • - 4.4 Test time is controlled within 10 to 180 seconds, single, multiple and online continuous testing is available.
  • - 4.5 Output results are printable or convertible to bmp or text file etc.

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