HMK-CD6 Spray Droplet Laser Particle Size Analyzer


HMK-CD6 Spray Laser Particle Size Analyzer uses unique device to measure the particle size distribution of droplet in only a few seconds by a simple click of a mouse. HMK-CD6 is a highly automated particle size analyzer featuring instant dispersion and measurement, automatic spray, automatic test, fast test speed and repetitive and continual measurement as well as good repeatability and stability. The results are automatically saved by the computer. It is user-friendly to view and print the result analysis report. HMK-CD6 is divided into integrated type and split type according to specific applications.



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Size range 0.5um~1,300um full course test
Light source Laser diode 635nm Power 20mw
Accuracy CRM D50 <±3%
Light path Parallel light path, designed according to ISO13320 and ISO13321
Time Less than 1 minute
Detector Multi-element detector consists of 80 photoces
Sample feeding Sprayer is placed between host and auxiliary, the test is automatic
Split Capability Sprayer is placed between host and auxiliary ,the position of host and auxiliary is movable according to site requirement, max distance up to 10 meter
Integrated The position between host and auxiliary is firm, test zone 400mm
Report format The result analysis report shows particle size distribution table and graph, typical results such as D10,D50,D90,D97 and averaged particle diameter.
Connection RS232 serial port, USB is available upon specific requirement
Dimension Split host W 900mm×D 400mm×H 500 mm;
Split auxiliary W 350mm×D 400mm×H 500mm
Integrated W 1500mm×D 350mm×H 420mm
Work requirement clean temperature 0-40 Celsius degree
Power AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Configuration 1.Host 1 set
2.Auxiliary device 1 set
3.Software 1 set
4.Standard particle board 1 set
5.Data cable and power cable 1 set/ea
6.Spare parts kit 1 set
Note : User prepare computer, printer, compressor and table
  • Particle size distribution analysis in applications of nozzle manufacturing, spray, spray drying, oil mist, smoke, mist, aerosol production, water droplets in oilfield gas pipelines of the particle size distribution test.
  • - Spray Droplet Size Measurement
  • Spray droplet size measurement is usually carried out by a spray droplet particle size analyzer.
  • - Spray Nozzle Droplet Size
  • Spray nozzle droplet size is measured by spray fog in a spary particle size analyzer, in such way the fog size is measured and thus the nozzle size is measured.

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