LABULK 0315 Metallic Powders Gustavsson Flow Meter


Labulk-0315 Metallic Powders Gustavsson Flow Meter is produced according to ISO 13517. It is used to measure the flow rate of the metallic powder and mixes. It uses the latest technology to measure the flow rate of powders.



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  • Gustavsson funnel diameter: 2.5 mm
  • Gustavsson funnel angle: 30°
  • Gustavsson funnel flowrate(Calibration Powder Chinese Emery 50g): 40±0.5 s
  • Bulk density cup volume: 25 cc
  • Bulk density measurement control height : 25 mm
  • Measurement of the time required for 50 g of a metallic powder to flow through the orifice of a calibrated funnel of standardized dimensions.
  • - Calibrated funnel
  • - Stand and horizontal vibration-free base
  • - Balance (optional)
  • - Stopwatch
  • - Chinese emery grit
  • (Apparatus is subject to quotation)
Calibration of the funnel
  • - Calibration by the manufacturer of the funnel(Labulk)
  • - Calibration by the user of the funnel(Validation)

Demo Videos

Gustavsson Flow Test

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