Magnetic Materials Particle Size Analysis

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  • ASTM B330
  • Magnetic Materials Particle Size Test Methods
  • Requirement on Magnetic Materials Before Sizing
  • Magnetic materials results of a HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer and a HEL Sub-sieve AutoSizer(HEL SAS)
  • ASTM B330 Standard Test Methods for Estimating Average Particle Size of Metal Powders and Related Compounds Using Air Permeability
  • Magnetic Materials Test Methods is a method use air permeability to determine an envelope-specfic surface area and its associated average equivalent spherical diameter (from 0.2 to 75um) of magnetic materials.
  • The magnetic materials may be analyzed in its 'as-supplied' (shipped,received,or processed) condition or after it has been de-agglomerated or milled by a laboratory procedure("lab milled" such as that specified in ASTM B859.
  • A HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer and a HEL Sub-sieve AutoSizer are both commercially air permeability instruments for measuring magnetic materials envelope-specific surface area and estimating magnetic materials average particle size(Fisher Number) from 0.2 to 50 um. The obtained test results are same. HMK-22 is completely same as Fisher Model 95 Sub-sieve Sizer and HEL Sub-sieve AutoSizer is also same as Fisher Modle 95,as a result both are same in testing magnetic materials.