Air Jet Sieve Open Mesh Function

  • The air jet sieve is a lab use test sieve; it uses the air to drive the particles pass through the sieve screen so as to achieve the purpose of sieving. As an indispensable sieving method in the sieving family, Air Jet Sieve is widely used in the world at present, especially the HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve made by AimSizer Scientific. It has become the best partner to conducting particle size analysis with sieving method in the laboratory.
  • HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve is a one newly-developed by AimSizer based on a large number of scientific sieving research and calculation. It is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the scientists and engineers of AimSizer.
  • Today, we’ll talk about one of the new function of HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve: Opening mesh. Opening mesh is a flash point of HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve. This function will surprise the laboratory operator troubled by the mesh clog.
  • The function of open mesh is to open mesh aperture, simply speaking, it is to prevent the particles clogging sieve in the process of sieving.
  • First, during the particle sieving, the particles can be divided into oversize product, undersize product and near mesh product according to the size of the particles. The oversize and undersize particles will not trouble us, but the near mesh particle is different and these particles are in approximately same size to the sieve-aperture and quite easily clog the sieve mesh, which not only reduces the sieving efficiency, but also damage the standard test sieve.
  • This problem will be completely solved if you purchase HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve newly-developed by AimSizer. Those who have used an Air Jet Sieve of course know that: when the negative pressure is acted on the air nozzle, the air flow will be generated, and the air nozzle will be always rotated around under the bottom of the standard test sieve. If else, HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve will not have specific characteristics.
  • Our function is to let air nozzle firstly rotates 30 degrees forward, and then 15 degrees backward, and then repeat such action until time out. During this process, 15 degrees of sieve surface is repeatedly swept, and the near mesh particles clogged on the sieve mesh will be blew once again, then attracted and guided by the air flow, and oriented to sieve mesh again, which will not only effectively prevent mesh blockage, but also be conducive to those near mesh particles through the sieve, and be perfect to achieve the ideal sieving: either over the sieve, or under the sieve, thereby reducing sieving time and greatly improving the sieving efficiency. This way will make 1 Air Jet Sieve becomes the micron grade one in the true sense.
  • The development of this function is another major contribution in sieving field by AimSizer. The price of HOSOKAWA Air Jet Sieve or Retsch Air Jet Sieve with similar functions is costly, but in order to reward the new and old customers, price of HMK-200e is cost-effective and will be readily accepted by the customers. Please log on to our website to watch the video of HMK-200e Air Jet Sieve. Welcome to contact us for a quotation.