Stationary powder start to flow measurement

  • 1.Weight out a 50.0 g mass of powder, as sampled, into a clean weighing dish.2.Block the discharge orifice at the bottom of the funnel with a dry finger.3.Carefully pour the 50.0 g sample of powder into the center of the flowmeter funnel without any tapping, vibration or movement of the funnel.4.Place the emptied weighing dish on the flowmeter stand directly under the funnel orifice.5.Simultaneously start the stopwatch and remove your finger from the discharge orifice.6.If the powder fails to start flowing,one light tap on the funnel rim is permitted. Further tapping of the funnel,however,or poking or stirring the powder in the funnel with a wire or any other implement is not permitted.7.Stop the stopwatch the instant the last of the powder exists the orifice.8.Record the elaspse time to the nearest 0.1 s.9. More than one flow may be run if desired. Use a fresh 50.0 g quantity of powder for each flow test. Average the flow times.