Where to buy genuine calibration powder chinese emery

  • The flow rate of Chinese emery powder was established by an interlaboratory study conducted by Subcommitte B09.02 in 1995.It represents the flow rate through the master flowmeter funnel that had been used in a previous interlaboratory study with the former Turkish emery calibration powder,which is no longer available.AimSizer Scientifc is a world leading and reliable manufacturer of Hall Flowmeter/Hall Flow Meter Funnels and Carney Funnels. All the metallic parts are processed and supplied by qualified subcontractor according to International Standards in order to make the unit accurate and robust to satisfy the user's requirement at cost-effective basis.
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  • AimSizer is also a major research participant in the interlaboratory study of the flow of Chinese Emery. Chinese Emery is used to calibrate a flowmeter funnel by the manufacturers.
  • AimSizer is also the original manufacturer of Chinese Emery according to ASTM B213 and other international standards using such certified reference material.