Tap Density Tester Compare AS-100 and ETD-1020

  • AS-100 Tap Density Tester is made by AimSizer and ETD-1020 is made by Electrolab.The basic test method of AS-100 meets USP I and USP II as well as ASTM or ISO methods. ASTM is optional for ETD-1020.AS-100 is divided into 1 and 2 stations. ETD-1020 has only 2 stations.Both can meet tap height 3 or 14 mm.AS-100 tap speed is regulated from 0 upto 300 tap/min. ETD-1020 switch between 2 speeds: 250/300 tap/min.Number of tap counts of ETD-1020 is fixed and shift among 10,500 and 1250. Number of tap counts of AS-100 is from 0 up to 99999 taps as per operator input.Number of taps of ETD-1020 is 1-9999. AS-100 is 1-99999.Display of AS-100 is LED. Display of ETD-1020 is LCD.AS-100 can print the test report by integrated printer. ETD-1020 uses serial port to connect to a computer to print the results.Weigth and dimesion is approximately same.