HMKFlow 6393 Powder Characteristics Tester


HMKFlow 6393 Powder CharacteristicsTester is a powder testing apparatus designed by AimSizer Scientific according to ASTM D6393 Standard Test Method for Bulk Solids Characterization by Carr Indices. HMKFlow 6393 is a comprehensive powder characteristics tester and has the ability to analyze the flowability of powder including measurements of Carr angle of repose, Carr angle of fall, Carr angle of difference, Carr loose bulk density, Carr packed bulk density, Carr compressibility, Carr cohesion, Carr uniformity, Carr angle of spatula and Carr dispersibility. HMKFlow 6393 has become the most cost-effective testing instrument conforming to ASTM D6393.


Features of HMKFlow 6393 Powder Characteristics Tester



How Does A Powder Characteristics Tester Work
  • Test A - Measurement of Carr Angle of Repose
  • 1.Place the parts onto the vibration plate in the following order starting at the bottom:
  • - Glass funnel-Spacer ring-Sievewith opening of 710um-sieve extension-sieve holding bar
  • (To be continue)
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