Tap Density Definition

  • -The tapped density definition and meaning is an increased bulk density attained by formula M(mass)/V(volume) after mechanically tapping a container or vessel containing the powder sample,usually with a base. LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester. Know more abou Bulk density definition
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  • -The meaning of tapped density is sometimes misinterpreted. The tap density is actually relative to the bulk density. In contrast to bulk density, tapping density is not just flow the powder from a specific container, at a specific height into a specific density cup, but first (using a tap density tester such as LABULK 0335) put it in the density cup (usually a graduated glass cylinder) And then together with the measuring cup and the base,the powder is excecuted for a certain height of free-fall movement. Different powders and international standards have different requirements for the height and even the weight of the components. After tapping, the volume of the powder must be reduced, then use bulk density calculation formula, M(mass) /V (volume), to get the tap density of the powder.